Marine Corps Ball Gift Ideas

Marine Corps Ball Gift Ideas

10th of November. Every year, that date marks one of the most important and celebrated days for Marines – the Marine Corps Birthday.

The year was 1775, and the United States of America had not yet come into existence. Delegates of the Second Continental Congress had begun meeting in Philadelphia, and the prospect of a war for independence seemed inevitable.

How would a small group of colonies defend itself against the most powerful empire the world had ever seen?

Our Founders recognized that a standing force of soldiers was necessary. And on 10 November 1775, these men established the Colonial Marines, which would soon come to be known as the United States Marine Corps.

On 10 November 1925, the sesquicentennial birthday (150 years) of the USMC, the first formal Marine Corps Ball was held in Philadelphia. Since then, the Marine Corps Birthday Ball has become a cherished celebration rich in tradition.

As veterans of the United States Marine Corps, we continue to honor our service’s birthday. And with our unique selection of custom Marine Corps Ball gifts, we make it easy for you to show your pride with style.

From stunning centerpieces to distinguished gifts for the guest of honor, we have it all.

Best of all, each and every one of our conversation-starting pieces is designed by Marine Corps veterans. This means that you not only help fellow Marines with your purchase but that your gift was created by someone who knows and values the Marine Corps Ball and its traditions with just as much pride as you.

Let us help you make your next 10th of November a Marine Corps Ball to be remembered.

Contact us or give us a call at (844) SEMPER-FI / (844) 736-7373 and we’ll get started on your custom Marine Corps Birthday Ball gifts today.

Happy birthday, Marine!



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