Marine Corps Apparel

We don’t need to tell you what it means to be a United States Marine. You already know. You are already living the core values – Honor, Courage, and Commitment.

However, we here at Marine Corps Gift Shop believe it is our duty and the duty of Marines everywhere to put those values on display for our fellow Americans, to lead by example.

It seems that many of the things in which we believe and hold sacred have come under attack. The nightly news and morning headlines suggest we are moving away from God, Country, and Family – the very institutions the United States Marine Corps was founded to defend.

It’s time to fight back.

With our Marine Corps and patriotic apparel, you will continue making your stand after the uniform has been removed.

We have it all. Our Second Amendment and our National Anthem apparel, for example, reminds your fellow Americans of their rights and duties while putting disrespectful others in their place. And our USMC apparel makes a bold statement of your sacrifice and the values you are sworn to uphold.

On or off-duty, active or retired – the responsibility to keep up the fight rests squarely on the shoulders of us Marines. Set the standard for everything that has made America great by wearing your values for everyone to see.

Because Marine Corps Gift Shop is owned and operated by proud USMC veterans, we hope to be your go-to source for Marine Corps and patriotic apparel. That’s why all of our t-shirts and sweatshirts are made using the highest quality and most durable clothes we can find. And every design we offer is created and printed right here in the United States.

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