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One of the time-honored traditions of the United States Marine Corps is the celebrated Challenge Coin. And yet its origins are shrouded in mystery. Many believe challenge coins were conceived in World War I when a lieutenant of the newly-formed US Air Corps commissioned brass coins to be issued to his unit. The story goes that one corpsman was gunned down over Germany and taken prisoner. After all possessions but his coin were confiscated, he managed to escape and prove himself as an ally to French by presenting the coin of his unit.

Others believe the practice of awarding challenge coins began in World War II. But if we want to get technical, this military tradition probably goes back much further. We know that in Ancient Rome, soldiers were awarded coins to commemorate their bravery and accomplishments.

Whatever the history of challenge coins might be, this practice holds very special meaning for Marines. Today, USMC challenge coins recognize achievement, instill pride, and remind Marines of their rich history and sacrifice. And we here at Marine Corps Gift Shop are proudly doing our part to keep this tradition alive.

Every one of our Marine Corps Challenge Coins is designed by USMC veterans. And you know what that means – you are going to get that unrivaled Marine Corps quality and attention to detail. Marines helping Marines.

Plus, when you order your custom challenge coin from Marine Corps Gift Shop, you are free to call us and discuss every detail of its production, from initial design to delivery.

But that is only part of what makes our challenge coins the best.

Over the years, we have shipped expertly crafted challenge coins to USMC units around the globe. As veterans, our goal is to build long-term relationships will our Marine Corps customers. And with so many of you coming back for more, we know that our challenge coins are the highest quality available anywhere.

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