Iwo Jima Challenge Coin with Sands of Iwo Jima

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  • Includes note card with a congratulatory message (see sample photo)
  • Contains Actual Sand from the Island of Iwo Jima on the back of the coin
  • 2 inch diameter
  • 3D Cutout of the Iwo Jima Flag Raising
  • Completely Unique Item Unavailable Anywhere Else
  • Expert Craftsmanship
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Unique Iwo Jima Cutout Marine Corps Challenge Coin

February 19 of 1945: D-Day…

Intelligence had grossly underestimated island conditions, the coming weather, and, most of all, the enemy’s fortifications. But despite the mounting obstacles, none had anticipated the resolve of the United States Marine Corps. For five grueling weeks, Marines engaged in one of the grittiest and bloodiest fights of the Pacific War – the Battle for Iwo Jima.

Victory would come at a cost of over 26,000 American casualties. 22 U.S. Marines and 5 U.S. sailors would earn our nation’s highest military accolade, the Medal of Honor. In fact, 28% of all Medals of Honor awarded to U.S. Marines during World War II were earned during the Battle of Iwo Jima. And as of 2018, Hershel W. Williams is the only Medal of Honor Marine from this battle living with us today.

With our Iwo Jima challenge coin, you can help to commemorate this defining moment and preserve history for future generations.

Note card text included below:

Iwo Jima holds a special place in Marine Corps history and it was one of the fiercest battles of World War II. Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima is a historic photograph taken on February 23, 1945, by Joe Rosenthal. It depicts five United States Marines and a U.S. Navy corpsman raising the flag of the United States atop Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. We are proud to offer this beautiful challenge coin of the Flag Raising on Iwo Jima that contains actual sand from the island of Iwo Jima on the coin.

Iwo Jima was also the only battle by the U.S. Marine Corps in which the overall American casualties (killed and wounded) exceeded those of the Japanese, although Japanese combat deaths were three times those of the Americans throughout the battle.  The 26,000 American casualties were one third of all Marine Corps casualties in the entire war.  Of the 22,000 Japanese soldiers on Iwo Jima at the beginning of the battle, only 216 were taken alive.  More than twice as many Marines died in 36 days of combat on Iwo Jima than had been killed in all of World War I.  In all, over 800 Americans gave their lives for every square mile of Iwo Jima’s black volcanic sand.

Great way to honor the Battles Of The Pacific Theatre in WW2

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