Women's USMC Unit Apparel

Don't see your Marine Corps unit?  Contact us to see if we can make a custom Marine Corps t-shirt or hoodie for you.

Check out our full line of women's Marine Corps unit t-shirts and apparel. We have USMC unit logos for nearly every battalion and Marine Corps unit. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Marine Division products along with USMC special ops clothing.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine is Marine Corps legacy. There are no ex-Marines. Once you are a Marine, you are a Marine for life. Our owner left the Corps' in 1997 but he still says "I am a Marine", not I was a Marine, or a former Marine, he's a Marine, forever.

Because of Marine Corps pride, Marines proudly wear Marine Corps women's t-shirts & apparel. Women's Marine unit t-shirts let everyone know your USMC unit or battalion. Our USMC women's t-shirts and sweatshirts show your pride for the Marines as well as where you served in the Corps.

Marine Corps Gift Shop carries a full line of USMC gear, printed right here in the USA by a team of veterans and military spouses. We have traditional Marine sweatshirts as well as specialized Marine Corps unit gear. We also make custom Marine Corps sweatshirts, women's t-shirts and products.

Our USMC unit apparel is made to order so production time can take up to 3 business days.



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