Marine Corps Spartan Challenge Coin

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Commemorate your Marine’s rite of passage with our exclusive USMC Spartan Challenge Coin.

The year is 480 B.C., and the largest army the world has ever seen just arrived. The Greeks are unprepared. All appears lost.

To make matters worse, the very best of Greek warriors, the Spartans, are celebrating Carneia, a festival that forbids them from engaging in war. The Greeks plead with Sparta, and King Leonidas agrees to send a mere 300 Spartan warriors to slow Persians.

And so began one of the most epic battles in military history.

Some 2,500 years later, Spartans remain a timeless symbol of courage, honor, and patriotism. And no fighting force today embraces these values as does the United States Marine Corps. We are the torchbearers, embracing the warrior spirit, and leading the way into battle.

Available only at Military Veteran Products, this unique coin is the perfect gift for celebrating your Marine’s graduation, or any Marine Corps gift, and serves as an ongoing reminder that your support is forever.

Our Marine Corps Spartan Challenge Coin pays homage to the elite warrior tradition we uphold. And this officially-licensed USMC challenge coin makes for the perfect gift to show your Marine your ongoing pride and support for their commitment.

  • Unique design exclusive to Military Veteran Products
  • Large, 3-inch coin is masterfully crafted by experts
  • Fully-rendered 3D texturing
  • American flag cape and “Molon Labe” Spartan shield on one side
  • USMC flag and Eagle, Globe, and Anchor shield on the other side



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