The Forge U.S. Army Challenge Coin

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The Forge U.S. Army Challenge Coin

2 inch diameter Army coin

Features the Army Seal on the front

Army logo on the back with Marched Through Fire, Forged Into Steel & The Forge on the back

Great gift for a any soldier or Army BCT graduation gift

The Forge is a grueling, 96-hour, cumulative training exercise that puts week-seven trainees in a patrol base as they encounter a multitude of combat and logistical scenarios. During this time, trainees will be forged in the furnace of shared hardship and tough training. There will be multiple road marches, a tough night infiltration course, a combat resupply event, a casualty evacuation drill, a pugil sticks competition and the reflexive fire range. Over the four days of events, the trainees navigate about 46 miles.

The Forge emphasizes battle drills, tactical operations and numerous foot patrols. The Forge replaces the 20-year-old Field Training Exercise 3, which had trainees working at a forward operating base, or behind the wire.

The Forge is the culminating event in Basic Combat Training, and in order to become a Soldier, all trainees must complete and pass the entire evaluation. The Forge is the final event designed to see who has what it takes, and all trainees must complete the Forge. At the end of the Forge, trainees participate in the rite of passage. This is the moment when the legacy is handed down, they earn the title “Soldier” and the newest Soldiers put on their berets for the first time in Basic Combat Training.

  • Expert craftsmanship – Makes a perfect Army graduation gift, or a soldier gift for kids, women or men
  • This coin for Soldiers features the Army Seal on the front
  • The back of this Soldier's coin is the Army logo on the back with Marched Through Fire, Forged Into Steel & The Forge
  • A perfect representation of Army exceptionalism and serves as an ongoing reminder that Soldiers are a force in readiness, ready to take the fight to the enemy
  • Large 2 inch US Army Coin - quality materials, 3D-textured full color on both sides

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