Parris Island Yearbooks

Thank you for visiting our site.  We produce the Parris Island yearbooks, graduation video and activity photo disks for MCRD Parris Island, SC.  Also known as Parris Island Graduation Books.  If you have questions or concerns about these products please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you right away.  If you would like to purchase a Parris Island graduation video or photo disk, please click here.

IMPORTANT – If you are trying to inquire about someone who is CURRENTLY in training at Parris Island, please write the recruit directly to ask them if they placed an order.  All orders for books and photo disks go through Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) on base.  Recruits are given the chance to order books on the day their photos are taken.  If for some reason they miss that opportunity they will be given the chance to order again before they graduate.  Once the books are printed they cannot be ordered again later.  We receive multiple calls per week from former Marines who lost their recruit yearbook and did not have an extra copy.  We highly recommend that Marines get an extra yearbook in case they lose one because they will not be able to replace it.  If you want to make sure your recruit orders an extra book we suggest you write to them directly. 

Parents cannot order the yearbooks, but you can write to your recruit to suggest what they order.  

We now offer a digital yearbook for the recruits to purchase.  Our “Package A” contains 1 printed yearbook, 1 digital yearbook (with video of the Emblem Ceremony) and 1 photo disc at a discounted price. It is recommended that recruits then order a Package D, which is an extra printed yearbook to keep in a safe place. You cannot send money to your recruits to buy anything. You can write to them if you want to let them know you will give them money after graduation to cover some of the costs.  Recruits are given the chance to purchase these items on Training Day 26 or 27.  

Our company produces the yearbooks, graduation videos and activity photo disks only.  We do not handle the recruit portraits.

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